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Ananthapuram 1980 (2009) – Telugu DVD Movie Online and Download

Ananthapuram 1980 (2009) – Telugu DVD Movie Online and Download


Cast: Colors Swathi, Sasikumar and others
Music: James Vasanthan
Director: Sasikumar
Producer: Sasikumar

Ananthapuram 1980 – Telugu Movie Online:

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Ananthapuram 1980 DVD Movie Download:

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Story Line :

Brahma (Jai), Shankar (Sasikumar), Kasi (Ganja Karrupu) along with two others are close friends and also act as the henchmen of a local politician Somalingam. These friends who are unemployed, often get themseleves into trouble by indulging in petty fights in their town, but everytime Somalingam and his brother Ranga come to their rescue. Brahma falls in love with Thulasi (Swathi), who’s the daughter of Somalingam and his feelings are reciprocated. Having lost his political influence, Somalingam rues about his condition and when the ZPTC chairman post is given to his opponent, he goes berserk. This is when Ranga convinces Brahma, Shankar, Kasi to come to his brother’s rescue. What follows next forms the clux of the movie.

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