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Nagina (1986) – Hindi Blockbuster DVD Movie Online and Download

Nagina (1986) – Hindi Blockbuster DVD Movie Online and Download


Cast : Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Prem Chopra, Komal Mahuvakar, Sushma Seth, Jagdeep and others
Story: Jagmohan Kapoor
Screenplay : Ravi Kapoor
Director: Harmesh Malhotra

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Story Line :

Rajiv comes from a very wealthy family, lives in a palatial home with his mother, he is to get married to Vijaya Singh, the only daughter of Thakur Ajay Singh. But Rajiv is in love with Rajni, who is an orphan with no family background. When Rajiv says this to his mother, she opposesbut when she meets with Rajni she agrees and both get married and live happliy until Bhairo Nnath a religious man, who is capable of controlling snakes arives and informs Rajiv’s mom that , Rajni, is a snake who has married Rajiv to avenge the death of her spouse years ago when Rajiv was a child. What happens and why Bhairavnath expressed and has a secret .

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