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gudu gudu guncham movie review

Gudu Gudu Gunjam
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Rating : 2
Caption : Disappointing on all vistas
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Banner: Sri Chithra

Presented by: Soma Vijaya Prakash

Cast: Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Sitara, Kasturi, Parthu, Chahat, Arth puri, Rithima, Brahmanandam, Venumadhav, Krishna Bhagwan,

Story-Screenplay: Marudhuri raja

Dialogues: Nandyala Ravi

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla, Kulasekhar, Vishwa

Dance: Prasanna

Art: Babji

Editing: Nandamuri Hari

Cinematography: Madhu A Naidu

Producer: Smt. Lakshmi Ravi kumar reddy

Direction: Veeru Dwaith

CBFC Rating: ‘U’


Gopalam (Rajendra Prasad) is a famous criminal and is a henpecked husband of Sita (Sitara). Parthu (Parthu) son of Gopalam kisses a girl in the college and mother of the girl (Telangana sakunthala) is after him to kill. He absconds to Bangkok and falls in love with Meenakshi (chahat). Parthu’s parents too agree for the marriage with Meenakshi. What happens after that?? Who stops them from getting married? What’s the story behind that is what all the film is about.


Rajendra Prasad is good, his mannerisms and comedy timing was good. Sitara and Kasturi are adequate. Parthu is a misfit. He is poor in delivering dialogues. All the heroines are more like B grade models. Music is bad. Art and cinematography are poor. Story is o.k. but the screenplay is weak. Direction is weak.


Veeru.K has come up with yet another film. He has no hits to hit credit so far [Except an Average flick AAROPRANAM (starring Vineeth, Soundarya)], but keeps on trying to make comedy (so called) flicks one after the other. Gudu Gudu Gunjam was well (seniors) cast and they have done reasonably well too. But the young couple and their love track is pathetic. It irritates you a lot. The story by Marudhuri Raja is o.k. but the screenplay is very shabby. Director imitated Vamsy’s style of narration in many frames, and used BAPU paintings to express the situation in many Scenes. The hero Parthu Over acts through out and dances with high energy, there is no lip sync in many Scenes. All the heroines make a presence in every song even though not needed. They are used merely for glamour. Most of them are imports from Hindi television serials and you can spot them in bikinis most of the times.—One wonders how the censor Board has certified this film as ‘U’.

The First half of the film is pathetic. Second half is slightly better. The first half progresses dimension less. Krishna Bagwan has done an okay job. Brahmanandam dances for “Ek Niranjan” number. Venumadhav fails to evoke laughs in ADHURS -Chari Character. Telangana Sakuntala is loud as usual. The remaining cast is just passable.

Veeru K, the protégé of SV Krishna Reddy, dismally failed in providing entertainment nor narrating a gripping story. He still repeats the same formula of (Using old hit numbers) picturising bit songs on the lead pair. Veeru has to mend his way and concentrate on all aspects of filmmaking, story, screenplay and technical arenas as well. The Music is very bad. The background score???— using old instrumental Hit songs--- can we call it BGM. Dialogues are good occasionally and evoke some humour. Cinematography and other technical departments fail miserably to make a mark. The film looks like a serial telecasted in small screen due to poor and pathetic presentation of technical aspects

Plus: Dialogues

Minus: Story, Screenplay, Narration

Verdict: Disappointing on all vistas, if you are a fan of Rajendra Prasad you can catch it when it comes out as a DVD or watch it on TV (which I guess would be pretty soon!)

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